Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures is the upcoming 2D and 3D-animated the 1st fantasy-adventure which with start next year in the early of 2016.



  • Duchess - the main characters who was an orphan and later adopted Tom and Toodles.
  • Johanna - Duchess' oldest sister. she is a grey cat from France.
  • Tom Cat Jr. Galore - He is a true son of Tom and Toodles.
  • Kitty Galore - She is  youngest daughter of Tom and Toodles.
  • Glory - She is a brave cousin of Duchess
  • Tom Galore - He is the father of Tom Cat Jr. and Kitty and Toodles' husband.
  • Toodles Galore - She is mother of Kittens  and Tom's wife
  • Maximillian - He is an handsome tabby cat from France but The Parents were already dead.
  • Rick - He is an owner of Tom
  • Ginger - She is Rick's wife. She is a housewife.
  • Dracula/Rocko - The main villain of the story and the fake Dracula
  • Punk Kitty - She is a good cat but turned out to be bad by Dr. Cat
  • Lil' Meow Meow - He is a good cat and turned out to be bad because of Dr. Cat
  • Phat Cat - He is a good fat cat and turned out to be bad
  • Fishbone - He is a good tall cat and turned to be bad
  • Liona - He is a siamese cat and work ask the police and a husband to Glory.
  • Dr. Cat - He is a thief cat in the house.
  • Jake - He is Glory's cousin
  • Bob - He is Jake's cousin.
  • Digit - He is Jake's cousin
  • The Mountain Lion - She is live in the forest and tried to killed Tom and Toodles' eldest son and Duchess and Johanna's Parents.
  • Mother Bear - She lives in the forest who attacked Duchess, Kittens and Maximillian
  • Duchess and Johanna's father - he is a grey cat from France
  • Duchess and Johanna's mother - she is a blue cat from France
  • Glory's mother - She is a grey blue cat and Glory's Mother
  • Policeman in T.V. Announcer - he is a policeman in News
  • Jerry - he is a friend of Tom but he's the Duchess' uncle
  • Mrs. Brisby - she is a friend of Jerry who lives in the forest. Duchess' aunt
  • Fievel Mousekewitz - he is an adult mouse and Mrs. Brisby's friends
  • Tanya Mousekewitz - she is the oldest sister of Fievel and Ben's wife
  • Ben Brisby - he is oldest brother of Brisby and Tanya's husband
  • Coral Mousekewitz - she is daughter of Tanya and Ben, Brisby's aunt and Fievel and Jerry's uncle
  • Yasha Mousekewitz - she is the youngest of Tanya and Fievel. She is a babysitting
  • Papa Mousekewitz - he is father of children and shouted to bad Duchess.
  • Jeremy - he is a crow, Tom's helper and shouted to bad Duchess.
  • Auntie Shrew - she is Brisby's aunt and shouted to bad Duchess
  • Policeman - he is an officer that Dr. Cat and the villain
  • Policecats - he is the Tom's owner
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