Duchess the White Cat is the upcoming Traditionally and 3D-animated fantasy-adventure by Walt Disney Pictures and Pachirapong Chaiyadech.

Based on the film: Disney's The Aristocats and Gay Purr-ee by Chuck Jones



  • Duchess - beautiful white Turkish Angora
  • Thomas O'Malley - (full name: Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley) – A feral cat who befriends Duchess
  • Brody - a young Orange Cat, Thomas O'Malley's friend. While he is sometimes inconsiderate and reckless, he does mean well, and is clever and resourceful.
  • Roquefort - A house mouse and also a friend of the cats
  • Scarface - a slim Tuxedo cat. He is devious, shrewd, sly and willing to hurt others for his own personal gain.
  • Azrael - Scarface's Sidekick
  • Princess - Scarface's "sister" and a Persian Cat. She is amply-contoured, crafty, and a force to be reckoned with.


  1. Opening/Duchess
  2. Chase the Mouse
  3. Duchess' Dream ("Take My Hand, Paree")
  4. Duchess is Gone
  5. Big City
  6. Meet Chief Gautier (Father of Duchess)
  7. Mary talking about Tony
  8. ("Roses Red, Violet and Blues")
  9. Trouble in the Train
  10. Duchess meet Scarface and Azrael
  11. Tony and Chief Gautier's Plain
  12. Duchess meet Princess
  13. ("The Alley Cats")
  14. Princess teached Duchess
  15. The Alley Cats Attack
  16. Duchess vs. Rat
  17. Duchess loves Tony ("I Knew I Love You")
  18. O'Malley and Brody in Paris
  19. Princess make up to Duchess
  20. O'Malley and Brody meet Scarface and Azrael
  21. O'Malley and Brody Get Drunk
  22. O'Malley and Brody send to Scat Cat
  23. ("Little Drops of Rain")
  24. The Cats are Here
  25. Scarface and Princess' Agruement
  26. Duchess Into Notre Dame
  27. Molly Gets Help
  28. Tony Into Jealous
  29. O'Malley and Brody meet Scat Cat's Alley Cats
  30. Chief Gautier Explain Tony's Death
  31. ("Paris is a Lonely Town")
  32. Scarface and Duchess Again
  33. Mrs. Butterfly Runs for Helps
  34. Brody and Mrs. Butterfly meet Chief Gautier True Story