Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures:Edit

  • Murdered: The Mountain Lion attack Tom and Toodles' oldest son and Duchess and Johanna's parents
  • Kidnapped: Johanna caught by Dr. Cat, Duchess caught by the purple cats
  • Attacked: The Mountain Lion attacking cats, The Fake Duchess (Johanna) attacking them
  • Theives: Dr. Cat and his henchmen attacking and catnapping

Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures 2: Goes to HollywoodEdit

  • Murdered: Phantom attacking film crew in Hollywood, Yobi killed by Dr. Cat
  • Theives: Thomas O'Malley stolen a money by Phantom's hypnotize, Phantom stolen a money and stolen Liona's ring
  • Kidnapped: Phantom caught Maximillian and Johanna's children, Punk Kitty kidnapped by Dr. Cat
  • Attacked: Phantom's henchmen attacking in Hollywood, Phantom's henchmen attacking Street Cats, Simba attacking them by Phantom's hypnotize
  • Hypnotized: Tom angry at his daughter by Phantom's hypnotize

Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures 3: The Adventure of JapanEdit

  • Lost: Dvd Ultraman Vol.1-10
  • Murdered: The Japanese Cat killed by Rei and Ranma and Takeshi killed by Rei
  • Injured: Liona injured by Dragon's toxic gas and Kasumi and Princess Primlock hit by Osaka's big tree
  • Attacked: Punk Kitty attacked by Kitsune, The Japanese Ghosts attacking them

Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures 4: Maximillian's ParentsEdit

  • Theives: Mona Lisa stole by Butch and his adopted son Meowrice
  • Murdered: Ella killed by Pan
  • Injured: Duchess hit by Jaune-Tom and Toodles ate les escargots' poisoned by one of Mellow Man
  • Kidnapped: Junior and Kitty kidnapped by Mellow Man

Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures 5: The Adventure of ChinaEdit

  • Kidnapped: Mei Ling kidnapped by Meathead (General Ramengaski) and Children kidnapped by Colonel Dongzuo and his henchmen
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