Toodles Galore
Toodles Galore
is the female protagonist of Pachirapong's Duchess and Kittens' Great Adventures. She is the mother of Junior Galore and Kitty Galore.


Toodles Galore is a long-haired purebred white Turkish Angora cat with blue eyes later described as shining like sapphires. She wears a large pink bow around her neck


  • Tom Galore (husband)
  • Mama Galore (mother; deceased)
  • Papa Galore (father; deceased)
  • Tommy (father-in-law)
  • Trixie (mother-in-law)
  • Tom and Toodles' eldest son (deceased)
  • Junior Galore (younger son)
  • Kitty Galore (youngest daugther)
  • Duchess (adopted daugther)
  • Johanna (adopted daugther)
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