Warriors is the upcoming Traditionally and 3D-animated fantasy-adventure by Walt Disney Pictures and Pachirapong Chaiyadech.

Based on the books: Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter


Into the Wild begins with a battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan over Sunningrocks, a strip of land. ThunderClan is outnumbered and their deputy, Redtail, calls a retreat. In ThunderClan territory, the medicine cat, Spottedleaf, receives a prophecy from the spirits of their ancestors, StarClan: "Fire alone can save our Clan." The leader, Bluestar, says that it is impossible, because fire is feared by all the cats.

Rusty, a house cat, runs into a ThunderClan apprentice, Graypaw, in his backyard. Rusty, however, does not run away, but fights back. Bluestar and Lionheart, Graypaw's mentor, having watched the confrontation, invite Rusty to join ThunderClan. Rusty asks to think it over, and after talking it over with his best friend and neighbor Smudge, decides to go with the Clan cats. Lionheart and Whitestorm meet him the next day and lead him to the camp. Due to his house cat past, some members of the Clan are hostile towards Rusty. This hostility eventually leads Rusty to attack Longtail, losing his collar in the ensuing fight. Bluestar then ends the fight and announces that Rusty has earned his Clan name, Firepaw. He forms a strong bond with Graypaw and Ravenpaw, but Firepaw finds out that Tigerclaw, an ambitious member of the Clan, murdered Redtail, and will stop at nothing to attain his goal of becoming Clan leader. Tigerclaw realizes that Ravenpaw might spill his secret, having watched Tigerclaw kill Redtail, so he plans to kill Ravenpaw. To prevent this from happening, Firepaw and Graypaw lead Ravenpaw to a barn where he would be safe and have company, living with a loner named Barley.

Tigerclaw realizes Firepaw knows his secret, but is still trusted by the Clan. While Bluestar, Tigerclaw, Ravenpaw, Firepaw and Graypaw are away, ShadowClan attacks ThunderClan's camp and kills Lionheart, the new ThunderClan deputy. A few days later, Frostfur's kits are stolen by the ShadowClan leader and his warriors. Firepaw leads a rescue party to search for the lost kits in ShadowClan territory and emerges victorious. Having won because of Firepaw, Bluestar gives Firepaw his warrior name, Fireheart, along with making Graypaw a warrior, giving him the name Graystripe.


  • Firestar